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The New Account

2009-11-05 23:38:29 by kawaiiminda

Hello Everyone I just made my New Account for newgrounds.
it's called RedskyAngel. if you wish to see it just type in RedskyAngel on the Search bar.=)
i haven't posted anything yet but i will soon. thanks and i hope you enjoy Redskyangel my new Account!

RedskyAngel Account

News Update

2009-10-16 20:39:48 by kawaiiminda

Hey everyone! it's been a while hasn't it? lol sorry about that, i don't spend my time all that much on here anymore. im mostly on deviant art now working on new pictrues and flashes. also if those who are still wondering about super mario story part2 don't worry i haven't forgotten about it.=) it's still in working progress and hopfully will be submitted soon. but for now it's on hold because in case you didn't know, im a Chowder fan.=) and so now im making a chowder flash called Paper Chowder. im not sure how long it's going to take me to finish but, right after the first episode i'll go right back on working on super mario story part 2. anyway if you want to see my art of Chowder or my other things heres a link:<
please tell me what you think! oh and by the way my user name on that site is Tentakustar134. and another news update! i just might stick to this account a bit more longer.=) haha thanks and bye!
stay toon for the Super mario story. and also i just might submit the paper chowder flash here too so stay toon for that also.=3
a drawing of rockman i did.=) hope you like it.

News Update

Profile news

2009-09-07 02:25:16 by kawaiiminda

hey guys I just might be cancel this profile and make a new one. Why? well i want to change my user name. and i already send a message to the big boss of this site but got nothing......=( so there for i just might make a new profile. if you are wondering what my new usernames going to be just pm me, i don't want to give it out in public because i don't want anyone to name steal, so sorry about that. anyway also, maybe before i switch out of this one i just might submit one more flash. so stay toon for that.

Profile news

Rockman Dash

2009-06-24 05:37:55 by kawaiiminda

Hey guy's Im sorry I know that you guy's have been waitng for Super Mario story part2 to come out.
But, I will confess. I haven't been working on it lately for I have been picking up new ideas of rockman Dash so I been spending my whole time Trying to create a great story with Rockman Trigger and Tron Bonne. I really Enjoy seeing those two together. So I have also been spending tme Drawing Sketches of them together.....Super Mario part2 won't be coming out for a while so im sorry for that.
But for the mean time I hope you enjoy the rockman videos.
Also, to let you know a head of time im in the Stage of trying to do animations.
Sprites im stil working on them. but, just not as much.

Well, I hope all is understood and I hope you all have a wonderfulday!=)
Let you know a head of time, I have a anime crush o Tron yeh....-T.T-

Hey guy's I got some REALLLY Bad new's. I just finished my FLash but for some strange reason it just won't I guess all that hard work for nothing. =C which really makes me upset...(sigh).....sorry for the bad news...

Rockman Dash

The Super Mario Story Part2 =)

2009-05-19 19:09:26 by kawaiiminda

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...guy's how everything going? im really sorry for those who are still waiting for the second part to come out. it's just that i've been sooooooooooOOOOOooo booked with school work and stuff.... and usually don't have time to work on it. also, im trying to improve on my AS skill as well.
so every time im on the computer, I've been Searching on the web for tutorials about AS.
I want to start learning how to make flash games. =).....(sigh).....I didn't want to spoil it but, another reason why it's taking so long for part two to come out is because im trying to add an RPG Battle part in it.=( but, sadly this may not come to be.......because dealing with the rpg thing....well it's a bit's HARD period!8O......So i just mieinght make it one whole video.
but you never know......when it comes out it jus might have the RPG Engine in it.*thumbs up*.
that'll be a big suprise now wouldn't it. lol. but yah, I hope all is understood, and I beg for forgiveness about the extend of the delay. thank you all and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Oh yah, tell me what you think about this pic I drew.....I thought i it might be a bit funny to show here.

The Super Mario Story Part2 =)

Super Mario Story

2009-01-21 20:38:56 by kawaiiminda

Well, im finally working on a series that I know I just might stick with. Im currently working on part two which will probably come out soon. YAY! Well I grew up with Mario so I'll always be a big fan no matter how old I get. ^_^ Also for those who are reading this why don't you check it out. give out a review. ^_^
let me know what you think. anyway, Maybe afte this I'll start on a Megaman Flash video, my next person Im a Fan of and grew up with. 8D also, let know what you think of Icalica. Tell what you think about her. she on the vid by the way just for those who don't know. ^_^ Well I really don't know what else to See yah.... ^__^

Hello guys, erm just wanted to say sorry it's taking a while for "SuperMario Story part2 to come out.
well you know the normal things, such as school and such. :) So I hope you guys can be patient enough till then. don't worry though I'll pm some of you who really liked it to let you know it's out.
Also im sick right now may take a little more time. but other than that I hope you are all patient enough for it's arrival. Thanks again and....*cheers* o0v^o

Hi guy's it's me again, Sorry but there's a delay for the second part.
now it will take even more longer for it to come out. so sorry about that.
i had some technical difficulty's with it......sooo it's going to have to be made all over again. -__-""
Sorry about that. so I hope you guys can wait a little longer till then.
I ask for forgiveness for those who been waiting. I only ask but to be a little more patient, until then.
Thanks and I hope all is understood. =) Im not upset or anything because I know things such as so takes time...........Humble that I am........Sorry guys..... forgive me for the inconvenience.

Thank you and I hope you all have a wonder day.

Super Mario Story

Brawl ep.2 and littl o weird me....

2008-12-25 19:17:30 by kawaiiminda

Hey guys im currently working on Brawl Ep.2.
which I hope you will all enjoy.
it's going to be a little different though.
hopefully not too much of the same.
besides this was suppose to be my plan, sorry though, im not going to give any info on the next episode.
your going to have to watch to find out.
also to give you a heads up I might change the title to "Pocket Fighters!"
Why? so it may make more sense when watching the series.
but if not, I'll just keep it the same. so don' get surprise if the next episode says *Pocket Fighters ep.2
"Just wanted to give you a heads up on that." *two thumbs up*
well I know this isn't necessary to say, But...... I kinda like Hsien Ko from Dark stalkers......*Crowd of Laughter* "(Sigh) why aren't I surprised " *a man says to me background* " YOU LOSER!!" * *cricket sounds*...........
"Ehem!"......well yah it true I do..........So don't be surprised if my Profile has pic's of her.
Also, if any of you have crushes on any none existing girls just like I do.....don't be afraid to share them with me, k.
LOL! "man I soud So Geekesh" *CROWD LAUGHTER*.........
though im not one........hmmmmmm maybe posting this was a bad idea *Crowd LAUGHTER!*
hmmm don't know what was so funny about that buta, oooook.....
"wells gottas gos ya knows." *Crowd Laughter*
ok seriously , See you Guys Have Fun HERE on NEW GROUNDS!!

have a good day!!

"ok, I have to stop doing that." *Crowd laughter*

Brawl ep.2 and littl o weird me....

Fox Boy's Short Story......

2008-12-09 19:56:37 by kawaiiminda

Hello Everyone a New Post! Yup!
I just got threw watching "Power star 4"....................epic............
it was the best yet most saddest series I've ever seen so far in Ng.
simply the best for me.
Also For my very first Flash animation I gotta Great Score! YaY!
not only that i have got some request that others want me to make another with the same character!
And so let it be done! ^__^
So maybe soon I'll be making another with the same little Fox! which in any case was so post to be me! lol Yah i know "YOU!?"
yah, before I even sign up on newgrounds I designed this character.....well me that is. lol
he or me, was meant to be a manga character of mine, to go for the show im just going to count him as another character to make it simple.
So! anyway yah he was originated as a Manga character. So far though, I've only made one volume of him. which I really want to make it go on sale one day!
But im just not sure it good enough for the big world.
anyway the REAL story with him is that he is a Fox that can't talk........ he lost his voice due to a curse.
and he Fines these things called voice boxes that help him gain his voice back piece by piece! this my friends is in the manga series not here on New grounds.
the one here in New grounds is a Completely new story, ignoring the fact that he still can't talk.
on this story he Lost his Family and now is all alone.....aaaaaand i don't want to go any further cuz I don't want to spoil the good parts. ^__^

Well I type more later Because I have to go right now.
and If you wan to know more about the little fox and the Zelda Trailer Just Pm me so I can Give more of a detail then on this post trying to spoil things......

Well Gotta Go see yal Around!

By the way im making a Video About Midna Can you guess What iT is!? -^___^-

Hello Everyone *AAACHOOOW!!!* yup that's right im sick.......uhhhhhhh...........
But im still working on my next video,when I know I should be on the bed but hey it's just how i am.......not sure when my next vid's coming out buta hopeful soon......right now im currently making
Another sprite video about mario. Don't worry though Im still going to make another Flasha nimation with the same Character....Maybe.......Isay this because i might use a different Character this time....and this time it's going to be a Girl fox. Im doing this so you can get into the story more with the Fox boy. Tot let you know the Story with the Fox boy and Fox Girl Are Connected, which means that there both in the same Cartoon!*Cough,COUGH!* oww............Well Gotta Go I really hope I get Better soon....(sigh).....I really Need it........ See ya.......uhhhhh

Greetings everyone!
Im feeling much more better than I did before.
Within two days I gotten back in shape!
and I thank God for that.
Well... it's not like those of you here would care about my health.....but hey it doesn't hurt to type about yourself sometimes now does it?
I mean I've been around New Grounds quite a long time now, and it seem that the way I thought people would be here, well would be upright.
I know I have mention this on one of my earlier post but hey, it doesn't hurt to talk about it again.
To let you know im a humble 16 year old boy who is tired of seeing all these negatives!
I mean what the HECK!
this doen't just go to me by the way but to all those who get the same problem.
I have friends who gets it,and I also see others and i send them PM's to let Them know that I Believe in them! that I know that they can Do better!
All I can say is this.......Just say is stay Humble.....

good bye.

Fox Boy's Short Story......

Hello again, I am currently making the first episode of Shadow Gears, which is probably going to be the final episode. Why so soon?
well let's say I really want to Get into animations! Witch I do.
and so therefore the Zelda animation just might be coming out soon.......
so this just might be my last sprite video. ("MIGHT!".....)
though I have to admit, Using sprites is kinda fun.
But I really enjoy animations a lot better.

to tell you the truth i really wanted to Start as a animator instead of a Sprite animator.
But I guess it went the other way around LOL.
Which is a really twisted Irony.

any who...... Right now in currently working on "the last episode of Shadow Gears"(quote on quote.)
Which probably won't come out within a couple of weeks or so. or maybe even a month or two......"I DON'T KNOW!"......well when comes comes out...... right? LOL.

Well gotta go Better get finish with my Video So I can Jump right into my very first animation USING A LAB TOP TOUCH PAD!.............

see ya around.....

Zelda Video Hold might Break!?

Zelda video on Hold!?

2008-11-22 02:03:21 by kawaiiminda

Hello everyone I am sorry to say......but My my animation video of going to be put on hold......Why? well Im still trying to get Good at all the Animation things thats why......But Believe me!
I can draw really well on paper it's just that it's not as easy on computer.

anyway I will for the mean time Be working on sprites.(besides JUUUst in my opinion....Sprites is just an easy way how to get out of Animations.....just my say.....)
espacially The ones I've made!
I know this might sound wierd but it's hard animating.....but it's easy to make my own sprites.......Uhhh......yah....EHEM!
anyways.......ya this Animation will be put on hold......
but as soon I start to get used to the hole animation thing.......
WellLLLlLL..... You know what happens. ^_^
well sprites now will be my main thing for the mean time.
and so I really hope you all have a good DAy

Here's Just an Example sorry about the green box and I don't know why it's going slow...I guess new grounds made it do so.

Zelda video on Hold!?